A Whale of a Parable


You know the expression a picture is worth a thousand words … so what does that make a video?

A whale of a parable

A whale of a parable
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Saving Valentina

My sister sent this video link to me last week. As I watched I thought what a parable for our lives.

To me the net represents our belief system. When our beliefs do not line up with God’s truth they can entangle us to the point where we cannot move or breathe and without help we will perish.  That perishing may be emotional death, spiritual death or literal death because our faulty beliefs cause unsafe choices on our part.

Just like this whale, we cannot get free by our own efforts alone.  We only become more entangled when we thrash about in the same faulty beliefs expecting a different result.  We need the help of someone with a sharp knife who can see the net clearly to patiently cut away our entanglements to set us free.

The Word of God is described as being sharper than a two-edged sword (Heb 4:12); sounds like a pretty effective tool to me.

When we try to pull away before we should, God does not give up. He is every bit as patient as the man in this video.  He keeps pulling us back to close to Him, so that he can cut away the lies that entangle us.  And, just as this good samaritan rejoices in the whale’s freedom as much as the whale does; so too does our Heavenly Father rejoice in our freedom when we are set free by His truth.

Whale joy

The joy of freedom

If your world feels like it is closing in like a net around you, be still and know He is God (Ps 46:10).  Trust Him just as this whale trusted this good Samaritan.  Allow Him to speak truth to you through His Word and exchange your darkness for His light (Luke 1:79);  your weariness for His strength; (Is 40:31) and your captivity for His freedom (Is 61:1).